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One of the most challenging tasks that home owners have to face is the choice of the curtain to use on their windows. Curtains are very much a part of home decor and it is therefore very critical that the choice of curtain both in terms of colour and material comes out right and for those who are fond of curtains that have a variance of patterns all over them, it is very essential that you identify the pattern that will compliment the rest of your room and bring out a sense of style, fashion and sophistication in the room. The other factor that must be considered when going for an ideal curtain is the type of the windows in your home. There are curtains that tend to fit better on arch windows than the more conservatively shaped windows and vice versa.

The best collection of muslin curtains

One of our most popular collections is the muslin curtains which have withstood the test of time and continue to be as popular as ever. Our varied range includes dyed muslin curtains, muslin curtains with patterns on them as well as muslin curtains with the traditional white colour. Our commitment goes beyond just selling you the best there is of muslin curtains, but we also have competent sales persons whose job is to take you through the different sections of our shops as you go shopping for your curtains as they advice you on the best designs to go for depending on the rest of your interior decor. It is therefore advisable that you carry with you a picture of the window section of your room or you describe your house well enough so that our experts can offer you great pieces of advice in case you are undecided on which specific muslin curtains to go for. The beauty of muslin curtains is that they are very simple yet extremely stylish with a unique vintage appearance adding a spice of sophistication to the overall outlook of rooms. They also have the advantage of being able to blend into almost any decor and complement the general appearance of the rest of the room. Whether it is the bedroom, where you need to spice up the romantic atmosphere, the living room, the dining room or even your home library; muslin curtains will be up to the task. We have the best collection of muslin curtains which have the advantage of being great absorbers of dyes and if there is one guarantee that you can count on, it is the fact that our muslin curtains will never fade on you.

Style and design

Our curtains have been designed in a variety of styles and we have curtains for every type of window out there. If you are more into the more sophisticated designs with patterns all over, you can count on us to deliver, just as with the simple yet stylish whites. As a rule of the thumb, it is advisable that you go for the long lengthy types when choosing muslin curtains, though the choices might change depending on your decor needs.

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I bought some great muslin curtains from you two months ago and I am glad that I found you because you have transformed my house. The fact that I did it at a great price is just awesome. These are the people for us!
By By Hannah S. Lund
Magik Gray

If you are a woman who is still grappling with what to do with her windows, these are definitely the people you need. I got 3 assortments of curtains there and it has never been the same.
By Freja J. Lassen
Beaver Lumber

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